A ticketing system is the most common medium of communication that hosting providers offer to their clients. It is usually part of the billing account and is the best way to fix a problem that requires a certain period of time to examine or that needs to be escalated to a server administrator. Thus, all comments provided by either party will be stored in one and the same place in the event that someone else wants to work on the problem at hand and the information already exchanged in the ticket will be accessible to all parties. The negative side of using a ticketing system with most hosting platforms is that it is not included in the hosting Control Panel, which implies that you will need to sign in and out of no less than 2 accounts to complete a given operation or to touch base with the hosting company’s client support staff. In case you want to administer a number of domains and each one of them is hosted in a separate account, you will need to use an even larger number of accounts at the same time. Moreover, it might take a substantial span of time for the provider to respond to your ticket request.

Integrated Ticketing System in Shared Hosting

In contrast to what you may find with a lot of other web hosting companies, the support ticket system that we are using with our Linux shared hosting is an essential part of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which is included with all hosting accounts. You will not have to remember several sign-on credentials, as you will be able to manage your tickets and the web hosting account itself from one place. So, if you’ve got an inquiry or confront a predicament, you can contact our customer service staff members right away. Our system includes a smart search functionality. This means that even if you have posted a huge number of tickets through the years, you will be able to track down the one that you need in no time. Furthermore, you can read knowledge base tips for fixing commonly confronted problems.